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UK Politics

Democracy and Participation:

12.08.21 – Was the AV Referendum a good exercise in democracy?

08.08.21 – What is Liberal Democracy?

30.07.21 – Why did Citizens Juries never take off in the UK?

12.07.21 – Has the use of E-Petitions enhanced democracy in the UK?

06.07.21- How significant is the power of Recall in the UK?

07.09.18 – How much Direct Democracy is there in the UK?

04.09.18 – What is Liberal Democracy?

Political Parties:

01.11.20 – Why was Jeremy Corbyn suspended what might its significance be?

18.01.20 – Who is running in the Labour Leadership Election and how will the new leader be chosen?

16.09.19 – What has happened at the Liberal Democrat Conference?

03.11.18 – How would a Tory Leadership Election work?

01.10.18 – Was the Salzburg rejection that the worst moment of Theresa May’s Premiership?

14.10.18 – What was Clause IV and what did New Labour do to it?

29.11.17 – Remember When: Margaret Thatcher Resigns as Prime Minister

Voting Behaviour:

07.11.19 – What is election Purdah and why does it exist?

Electoral Systems:

06.04.21 – Could two political enemies be about to exploit AMS to form a ‘supermajority for independence’?

25.07.20 – What is the significance of by-elections?

10.06.20 – What are Short Money and Cranborne Money?

09.03.18 – How is UK campaign spending different from that in the US?

UK Government


09.04.21 – Has the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (2011) been a failed constitutional reform?

29.10.20 – Is the UK constitution becoming increasingly codified?

13.05.20 – What are the differences between the US and UK ‘Lines of Succession’?

02.09.19 – The Week Ahead in Parliament

02.03.19 – Should the Independent Group’s MPs have abided by the ‘Carswell Convention’?

17.11.18 – Is the Recall of MPs Act (2015) really effective?

17.11.18 – What is the Freedom of Information Act and why did Tony Blair call it “stupidity”?

17.09.18 – Why is Statute Law the most important source of the UK Constitution?

03.11.18 – What are Works of Authority?

20.09.18 – Common Law – Why is it fundamental to the constitution?

19.09.18 – Why are conventions still an important part of the UK constitution?

12.09.18 – What are the advantages of having a constitutional monarchy in the UK?

11.09.18 – What is Parliamentary Sovereignty and does it truly exist?

10.09.18 – The Bill of Rights (1689) – What did it do?

09.09.18 – What is the Rule of Law and why is it an important principle of the UK Constitution?

14.03.18 – How did the June 2017 General Election take place given the passing of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (2011)?

06.03.18 – Why was Devolution in Northern Ireland so hard to achieve and is it in crisis?

13.01.2018 – What is Parliamentary Privilege?

28.11.17 – The Salisbury Convention

Relations Between Branches:

07.08.21 – How does the UK judicial system work?

28.07.21 – How did Boris Johnson (eventually) ‘Get Brexit Done’?

25.07.21 – What is sovereignty and where does it reside in the British political system?

23.07.21 – What are the best examples of Judicial Review in the Supreme Court since 2009?

21.07.21 – Theresa May and Brexit – An example of a lack of Prime Ministerial Control?

02.03.21 – How significant are public inquiries in the UK?

20.02.21 – The Government acted unlawfully over PPE contracts – An example of Judicial Review

17.06.20 – The ECHR and ECJ – What is the difference?

13.05.20 – HM Treasury v Ahmed (2010) – Why such a good example?

24.09.19 – Why is today’s Supreme Court judgement significant?

10.09.19 – Does the Rule of Law apply to the Government?

16.03.19 – What factors determine the primacy of the House of Commons in Parliament?

03.03.19 – How is Britain’s position in the European Union unique?

23.01.18 – Who were the Law Lords?


23.10.21 – A Guide to the Legislative Process in the UK

20.10.21 – How effectively can the House of Lords scrutinise the Executive?

19.04.21 – The MPs Expenses Scandal – How much did it damage the reputation of Parliament?

21.10.20 – James Callaghan and the last successful motion of no confidence in a UK Government

14.09.20 – Why is the Internal Markets Bill so controversial?

11.09.20 – Do Opposition Days in Parliament really matter?

04.09.20 – What is the significance of 10 Minute Rule Bills?

03.09.20 – Who are the hereditary peers?

20.07.20 – Are the Government losing control of Committees?

11.06.20 – Urgent Questions – What are they and how important are they as a mechanism of parliamentary scrutiny?

04.06.20 – Why won’t electronic voting return to Parliament?

31.05.20 – PMQs – Is it just parliamentary theatre?

27.05.20 – The Liaison Committee – Boris Johnson’s First Appearance

27.05.20 – The Commons Liaison Committee: What is its role and significance?

26.05.20 – Primary Legislation, Secondary Legislation, Statutory Instruments and Orders-in-Council. What are they and what is the difference between them?

22.05.20 – A Brief History of Lords Reform

13.01.20 – What is the Private Members Ballot and why is it so important to backbenchers?

08.01.20 – What is meant by the Elective Dictatorship and why does it exist?

07.09.19 – What is the significance of the withdrawal of the whip and deselection?

04.09.19 – What is Standing Order 24?

23.04.19 – The impartiality of the Speaker and the Denison Convention

16.03.19 – Voyeurism (Offences) Act (2019) – An example of a legislative process


12.04.21 – Why do Cabinet Reshuffles take place and why is the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ so famous?

22.02.20 – Does appointing Senior Cabinet Ministers from the House of Lords undermine the democratic legitimacy of the government?

07.06.20 – ‘Bigotgate’: Campaigning and 24/7 News Media

18.11.18 – Brexit and Collective Responsibility

03.09.18 – Boris shows why the ‘big beasts’ are kept inside of the Cabinet

05.03.18 – What are the so-called ‘Henry VIII Powers’ and why are they a controversial part of the Brexit Debate?

10.01.18 – What are the ‘Great Offices of State’?

03.01.18 – Can we expect May to reshuffle her Cabinet?

09.12.17 – Types of Government and Confidence and Supply

02.12.17 – Should Trump’s UK State Visit be Cancelled?

Global Politics

Power and Developments:

11.01.20 – Who was Qassem Soleimani and was his killing legal?

01.11.10 – Trump, Trade Wars and China

29.09.19 – Why is the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia so complicated?

21.09.19 – When will American troops finally leave Afghanistan?

Political Global Governance:

08.01.20 – Britain, the UN and the Chagos Islands

US Government and Politics


27.02.19 – What is the Special Prosecutor and why are they important?

18.09.18 – How did Gerald Ford become the only unelected President in US History?

10.09.18 – What were the Articles of Confederation and why did they fail?

06.09.18 – The Declaration of Independence – what did it do?

05.09.18 – Who were ‘The Framers’ and what did they frame?

29.01.18 – How serious would it be if a President lied to the American people?


10.09.18 – Was last week the worst of Trump’s Presidency?

11.01.18 – What did Alexander Hamilton call the ‘Benign Prerogative’?

08.01.20 – Fire and Fury and the 25th Amendment

04.12.17 – Are there parallels between the Russian Investigation and Watergate?

29.11.17 – Keystone Pipeline is ready to be built


31.01.18 – What is the Nuclear Option?

21.01.18 – What is a Filibuster and a Cloture Motion?

18.01.18 – Will the GOP and Democrats be able to avoid a Federal Shutdown?

07.01.18 – What is Gerrymandering?

02.12.17 – Is Trump about to win his first major legislative victory?

28.11.17 – Advice and Consent Powers


28.01.18 – What is meant by Original Intent?

10.01.18 – A key Judicial Decision on Gerrymandering


26.02.19 – What is the ‘Invisible Primary’ and why is it significant?

13.03.18 – Who are the most famous Third Party or Independent Candidates and how significant can they be?

Political Ideologies