Was the AV Referendum a good exercise in democracy?

AV vote will not break the Coalition, insists Cameron – Channel 4 News
The AV Referendum took place on the 5th May 2011.

In 2011 Britain’s second nationwide referendum. This was on the issue of whether to replace the First Past the Post voting system with the Alternative Vote system for General Elections. Many people have questioned the effectiveness of this referendum and whether it turned out to be a good democratic exercise.

Why did the referendum take place?

Nick Clegg was Lib Dem leader in 2010.
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Good Podcasts – Week Ending 31.07

The Rest is Politics – Question Time – Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell discuss questions from the audience. One interesting discussion was over Blair and Brown and whether Blair could feasibly have removed him before 2005, whilst another was Rory Stewart on the best way to deliver international aid

Rock and N Roll Politics – Steve Richard’s considers despite however difficult their terms are, PM always seem desperate to cling on and have the ‘fantasy’ of a return to Number 10 in the future. He also considers how the ghost of Thatcher is lurking over another Conservative Leadership campaign.

Bloomberg UK Politics – Interesting short segment on the Tory Leadership including a discussion with Lord Hayward, a Tory Peer and political pollster. The discussion included how much influence Boris Johnson was having over Liz Truss’ campaign.

Coffee House Shots – Discussion on whether truss was unstoppable and a consideration of how trustworthy h to h poll are this far out and whether electability really helps Sunak that much.

Global Politics Podcast – A useful discussion at the start of the increasingly thorny issue of Taiwan between the US and China and its impact on the domestic politics of both states. –

Coffee House Shots – A short discussion on the issue Keir Starmer faces with the Trade Unions after his sacking of Sam Tarry.

BBC Any Questions – The Radio Question Time session. It included topics on the Conservative Leadership and Cost of Living. The panel was made up of Labour Shadow Leader Thangam Debbonaire, and former Lord Chancellor David Gauke.

BBC Any Answers – A discussion show based on the topics bought up in BBC Question Time.

Red Box Politics – An episode that focuses on the Leader of the Opposition.

What is Liberal Democracy?

Athenian Demo
A depiction of Athenian Democracy.

The term democracy comes from the Greek demokratia, literally meaning “rule by people”. The origins of democracy can be traced back to Ancient Athens. Athenian Democracy was direct in its nature. It had two key features that defined its fundamental operation:

  1. Officials were randomly selected from among the citizens.
  2. A legislature that was made up of all citizens.
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