Please find below links to other websites and Podcasts that students and teachers of A-Level Politics might find helpful.


The Institute for Government – A Think Tank that publishes articles regularly on constitutional and political issues.

Earlham Sociology and Political Pages – An excellent website full of resources primarily aimed at A-Level students.

London School of Economics Politics and Policy Blog – Articles published by the LSE on constitutional an political issues.

Tutor2u Politics – Whilst hosting paid resources, Tutor2u also have a number of valuable free resources.

A-Level – A website hosted by a fellow Politics Teacher which includes both paid for and free content.

E-International Relations – Articles on a range of International Relations Topics.

Constitutional Law Matters – A blog by the centre of Public Law at Cambridge University on a range of constitutional issues.


Podcasts that I either I regularly listen to to support my teaching or have been recommended by other Politics teachers include:

Pupil Politics

BBC World Service – Newshour

BBC – Any Questions, Any Answers

BBC – From our Correspondent

Institute of Government – Inside Briefing

BBC – The Week in Westminster

The Spectator – Coffee House Shots

Financial Times – Payne’s Politics

BBC – Global News Podcast

BBC – The World Tonight

BBC – Newscast

The Times – Red Box Politics Podcast

Bloomberg – Westminster

LBC – The Best of Tonight with Andrew Marr

BBC – Best of Today

The New Statesman Podcast

The Rest is Politics

The Telegraph – Chopper’s Politics

Politics Home – The Rundown

The Chicago Council of Global Affairs – Deep Dish

BBC – Yesterday in Parliament

BBC – Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

The Guardian – Politics Weekly

Global Dispatches

The Economist – The Intelligence

The Political Party

World Affairs

Reasons to be Cheerful

BBC – Westminster Hour

Politico – Westminster Insider

The Andrew Neil Show

LSE Public Lectures

Simple Politics Podcast


Chatham House – Undercurrents

The Backstory with Andrew Neil

LBC – The Full Disclosure with James O’Brien

Financial Times – Rachman Review

Rock and Roll Politics – Steve Richards