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Fire and Fury and the 25th Amendment

This week an explosive new book called Fire and Fury: Inside the White House was published. The book was written by journalist Michael Wolff who claimed to have ‘fly on the wall’ access to the White House and its staff.

Fire and Fury

Wolff’s book has caused a storm across Washington

Among the key claims in the book are:

  • Members of Trump’s campaign team were certain he would not win. It is claimed that Kellyanne Conway, his campaign manager, was already job-hunting before Election Day.
  • Trump eats so much fast-food because he is worried about being poisoned.
  • That the First Lady, Melania Trump, was disappointed by Trump’s election victory.
  • Staff in Trump’s White House describe him as ‘Child-Like’.

The book featured ‘on the record’ interviews with former Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon. Among the claims about the Trump administration by Bannon were:
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Should Trump’s UK State Visit be Cancelled?

Trump and May

There has long been opposition to Donald Trump’s agreed State Visit to the United Kingdom. Indeed, an e-petition that said that it should not take place was signed by over 1.8 million Britons. As such, it was debated in Westminster Hall on the 27th February 2017. Many MPs voiced their opposition to the visit, but the Government replied to the petition saying: Continue reading