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Prime Minister’s Questions Highlights – 12.10.2022

Best Backbench Question

Rosie Cooper (Labour) – In what is likely to be her last PMQs question as she is leaving Parliament on assume a role in the NHS, Cooper asked about local consent for fracking:

Cringiest Planted Question

Conservative MP Gagan Mohindra asked a question he’d likely been emailed by Conservative Party Headquarters about support for business:

Some Good Podcasts – Week Ending 25.09.2022

Some good podcasts last week include:

18.09 – Westminster Hour: A discussion of the diplomatic impacts of the Queen’s funeral but also a consideration of when and how Politics will return to normal, including an interview with Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle. At the end of the Podcast is an interesting discussion regarding the civil service following the sacking of Tom Scholar.

15.09 – World Review by the New Statesman: A discussion of whether the Ukraine can win the war and an attempt to put the issue in the long-term Russian strategic context. There is also a discussion of the developing relationship between President Xi and President Putin. A discussion also takes place on the increasing knowledge of the Russian situation in Russia.

(Meant to put this on last week!)

19.09 – Global Dispatches: A discussion of what the key issues that may define the upcoming UNGA might be. Also, a consideration of how the war in Ukraine will influence the participation of delegates and why the Secretary-General has focused on Education at the start of the meeting.

20.09 – Rock N Roll Politics: Steve Richards discusses with Nick Symond-Thomas the premiership of Harold Wilson and how, despite winning four elections, he has been ‘airbrushed out of history’. A discussion of the enormous policy portfolio carried out and consideration of Wilsonism is not considered alongside Thatcherism of Blairism. 

22.09 – The Rest is Politics: Rory Stewart answer listeners’ questions including on the special relationship and the relationships between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

23.09 – Westminster Insider: An interesting Podcast about the party conference season which is currently ongoing. It hears from politicians, journalists, lobbyists and special advisors.

Some Good Podcasts – Week Ending 16.09.2022

11.09 – Westminster Hour: Carolyn Quinn discussed the transition from Elizabeth II to Charles III and how the Monarchy may develop under Charles III.

12.09 – World Review: An interview with Lawrence Freedman about his new book and particularly about Russia’s strategic problems in Ukraine. He makes a comparison with Iraq during the Gulf War.

12.09 – New Statesman: A consideration of how the death of Elizabeth II and the ceremonial focus has limited parliamentary scrutiny at a crucial time. 

13.09 – Times Red Box Politics: A ‘listen along’ and discussion around Prince Charles address to both Houses of Parliament.

14.09 – The Rest is Politics: Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart discuss Elizabeth II, the Swedish Elections and whether a turning point has been reached in the War in Ukraine. 

12.09 – Global Dispatches – A discussion of whether a state of famine has been reached in Somalia after a combination of climate change, drought, COVID-19 and political unrest.

16.09 – Ukrainecast – A detailed discussion of the investigations by international teams into war crimes in Ukraine.

16.09 – Bloomberg UK Politics – A discussion of the diplomatic choreography around the Royal Funeral with John Hampfner from the Chatham House thinktank.