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Should Parliament vote electronically in divisions?

MPs remotely attend the House of Commons in a 'virtual parliament'
The Hybrid Parliament saw screens erected in the chamber to allow MPs to participate remotely.

Just like everywhere workplace, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the way Parliament operated. For example, MPs were able to contribute to debates remotely, with big screens erected around the Chamber of the House of Commons and Lords to create a hybrid environment. During COVID-19 another significant change was the introduction of electronic voting. Whilst innovative for the UK Parliament, this is routinely used elsewhere, for example in the Scottish Parliament. So how do MPs and Lords vote in the UK Parliament and why was electronic voting not retained after COVID-19?

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How did the Wright Reforms change the House of Commons and did the changes go far enough?

The House of Commons is an institution which is inherently conservative.

The House of Commons, and indeed Parliament as a whole, is an institution in which change is rare. Even rarer are periods of significant change in its operation. However, the Wright Reforms of 2009 did make a number of significant changes to the operation of the House of Commons. On the whole, these changes saw power shift away from the Executive and towards backbenchers. However, not all the recommendations of the Write Committee were implemented. So, what changes were made and in what areas might it be argued they did not go far enough?

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