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What is election Purdah and why does it exist?

General Elections in the UK are strictly regulated. For example, there are restrictions on spending, with each campaign able to spend a limited amount depending on the number of candidates they are putting forward. These rules and regulations are set out in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) and are monitored and enforced by the Electoral Commission, an independent body that exists to ensure elections are transparent and fair. In addition there is something called Purdah, which is an important part of the election process in the UK.

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What is Parliamentary Privilege and why is it an important principle to the operation of Parliament?

Both MPs and Lords are protected by parliamentary privilege.

Parliamentary Privilege is a principle that allows parliamentarians to carry out their duties as an MP or Lord without fear of legal repercussions. So why does it exist and what examples of its invocation have there been?

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Why did Citizens Juries never take off in the UK?

In September 2007 Gordon Brown announced that his New Labour Government would undertake a number of ‘citizens juries’ on key social issues such as crime and punishment and the future of the NHS. He said that this was party of a process of “reaching out, of doing the business of government differently”. However, despite this pledge, the concept of Citizens Juries in the UK has never really taken hold as a conventional political practice. So, what is a Citizens Jury and why have they never had a significant impact on the UK political process?

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