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How would a Tory Leadership Election work?

It has been a febrile Summer in the Conservative Party. Whilst Members of Parliament were on their Summer Holidays, it was clear that speculation over Theresa May’s future would not abate. In recent weeks, it has been suggested that a challenge to Theresa May’s leadership of the party, and therefore her position as Prime Minister, is imminent.
Theresa May became Prime Minister at an extremely difficult time. Arguably, only Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in more challenging circumstances. On 10th May 1940, the day that Churchill first became Prime Minister, he awoke to news that Germany had launched its invasion of France. Even Brexit cannot compare to that!

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Was the Salzburg rejection that the worst moment of Theresa May’s Premiership?

MayThe week before last week Theresa May faced perhaps her most difficult moment as Prime Minister as her plan for Brexit, the Chequers Plan, was rejected by EU Leaders during a meeting in Salzburg. Time is running out in the Brexit negotiations, with a no-deal scenario seemingly more likely every day. So, given the Conservative Party Conference takes place this week,  what happened in Austria and what is next for Theresa May?

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What was Clause IV and what did New Labour do to it?

In May 1994 the leader of the Labour Party, John Smith, died suddenly. He had only been Party Leader since July 1992 and his death came as a major shock to the whole nation.


Labour Leader Jim Smith died in May 1994.

In the Leadership Election that followed, Tony Blair became Party Leader, with 57% of the overall vote. This was a defining moment in the history of the Labour Party. Alongside Gordon Brown (later Chancellor of the Exchequer), Peter Mandelson (later a Cabinet Member) and Alistair Campbell (later Communications Director) the ‘New Labour’ movement began to take shape.

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