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What is the difference between a party and parliamentary motion of no confidence?

Boris Johnson looks likely to face a confidence vote next week.

It looks increasingly likely that Boris Johnson will face a Conservative Party confidence motion next week. One of the biggest mistakes that students make in their A-Level exams is to mistake a party confidence motion with a parliamentary motion of no confidence. They are two different things and have different potential outcomes. So what is the difference and why is it looking increasingly likely that Boris Johnson will face one?

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What are Short Money and Cranborne Money and should political parties be entirely publicly financed?

Money and Politics are intertwined in the UK.

Some countries, like Sweden, rely very heavily on public funding of political parties within their democratic system. In Sweden, political parties rely on the state for up to 90% of their national funding. However, Britain has limited state funding of political parties in the form of Short Money and Cranborne money. So what is it and why does it exist?

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Book Review: The Alastair Campbell Diaries Volume 1 Prelude to Power 1994-1997

This Book Review was guest written by a Sixth-Form Student

This book gives a day-to-day guide about the events that Alastair Campbell went through from the day that John Smith passed away until Tony Blair walked into 10 Downing Street as the first Labour Prime Minister since 1979. This long diary from 1994-1997 gives an excellent insight into the British media and the personalities that were involved within politics in the 1990’s.

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