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Does Britain suffer from a ‘participation crisis’?

Voting is one form of participation, but there are many others.

It is often argued that Britain suffers, and has long suffered, from a participation crisis. However, it can equally be argued that the growth of pressure groups, direct action and online activism counters the idea that Britain does indeed suffer from a participation crisis. So, what might be the arguments for and against the notion that Britain does suffer from a ‘participation crisis’?

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What are the arguments for and against lowering the voting age to 16?

16 year olds can vote in Scotland and Wales

The franchise in the UK has not been static through time and there have been some significant changes made to extend the numbers of people who can vote in elections. Notably, too, in Wales and Scotland 16-17 year olds can vote in elections for devolved bodies and in local elections. Therefore, it is natural to ask the question of whether 16-17 years olds should able to vote in General Elections in the UK?

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What is lobbying and how significant is it in the UK?

Lobbying takes its name from the Lobby of the House of Commons.

Lobbying is the process of trying to persuade the government or a political party to change their policies. The term originates from the lobby of the House of Commons where you could go to try and persuade your MP to adopt a certain position. Lobbying is an important part of the British political process and is sometimes via controversial. So how does it work, how significant is it and what major controversies have there been surrounding it?

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