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How did Boris Johnson (eventually) ‘Get Brexit Done’?

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Boris Johnson became Prime Minister on the 24th July 2019.

The travails of Theresa May in trying to achieve Brexit led to her eventual downfall. However, it is easy to forget that when Boris Jonson became he faced many of the same impediments that May faced. So how was he able to overcome them in order to ‘Get Brexit Done’?

What was Johnson’s position when he became Prime Minister?

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Theresa May and Brexit – An example of a lack of Prime Ministerial Control?

Theresa May – the joint worst post-war PM?

In a recent study conducted by the University of Leeds Theresa May was ranked the joint worst post-war Prime Minister. The survey was based on the he views of 93 academics from 44 universities.

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Has Devolution to the nations of the UK been successful?

Devolution is the process of delegating power from central government to a regional or local level. This is different from federalism (which exists for example in the USA) in which power is split at source between a central government and regional governments. Britain is traditionally a unitary state in which power is held centrally and dispersed where required. However, devolution has now become politically entrenched in the UK political system and it can now be argued that Britain is in fact a ‘union state’ or ‘nations of nations’. So what is the background to devolution, how successful has it been and what are its potential implications?

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