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What is the Rule of Law and why is it an important principle of the UK Constitution?

The Law of the Constitution is AV DIcey’s most famous work.

Along with Parliamentary Sovereignty, the Victorian constitutional scholar A.V Dicey called the Rule of Law one of the ‘twin pillars of the UK constitution’. By this, he meant it was one of the things that was fundamental in making the UK constitution what it is. So, what is meant by the Rule of Law and why is it so significant?

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Why was Miller vs Prime Minister so significant?

The UK Supreme Court was created under the Constitutional Reform Act (2005).

Since its inception after the Constitutional Reform Act (2005) a number of extremely significant judicial review cases have ended up in the UK Supreme Court, the final court of appeal in the UK. Arguably, none are as significant as Miller vs. Prime Minister in 2019. So, what was this case about and why was it so constitutionally significant?

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Who were the Law Lords?

The Appellate Committee of the House of Lords in the Chamber.

Until 2009 the highest court in the United Kingdom was the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords. This made the House of Lords the highest judicial body in the United Kingdom. This has since been replaced by the UK Supreme Court. So, who were the Law Lords who sat in the Appellate Committee and how different was their role to that of the judges who now sit in the Supreme Court?

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