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The Bill of Rights (1689) – What did it do?

The end of the seventeenth-century saw a period of dramatic change in British Politics that laid the foundations for the liberal democratic government that is still in place today. One of the most important pieces of legislation passed during this period was undoubtedly the Bill of Rights (1689) – so what did it do?

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How did Boris Johnson (eventually) ‘Get Brexit Done’?

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Boris Johnson became Prime Minister on the 24th July 2019.

The travails of Theresa May in trying to achieve Brexit led to her eventual downfall. However, it is easy to forget that when Boris Jonson became he faced many of the same impediments that May faced. So how was he able to overcome them in order to ‘Get Brexit Done’?

What was Johnson’s position when he became Prime Minister?

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Has devolution to England been successful?

Often when the term devolution is considered people automatically consider devolution to the nations of the UK and the devolution of powers that has taken place in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, it is also important to consider the devolution of powers that has taken place in England, whether it has been successful and whether, consequently, it should be extended.

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