Democracy and Participation

02.08.23 – How significant is the power of recall in the UK?

04.08.23 – What is Liberal Democracy?

04.08.23 – Why did Citizens Juries never take off in the UK?

10.08.23 – Has the use of E-Petitions enhanced democracy in the UK?

11.08.23 – Was the AV Referendum a good exercise in democracy?

13.08.23 – How does Direct Democracy work in Switzerland?

19.08.23 – How effective are initiatives as a form of direct democracy in California?

19.08.23 – What is lobbying and how significant is it in the UK?

20.08.23 – What are Think Tanks and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

22.08.23 – What are the arguments for and against lowering the voting age to 16?

22.08.23 – What arguments are there for and against allowing prisoners to vote?

22.08.23 – What are the arguments for and against making voting compulsory?

Electoral Systems

11.09.23 – Why is the Supplementary Vote (SV) no longer used for elections in England?

17.09.23 – Are Referendums good for democracy in the UK?

Voting Behaviour

09.09.2023 – What is the significance of by-elections?


06.09.23 – What is a Motion of No Confidence, why is it important and when was the last successful one?

06.09.23 – What is the difference between a party and parliamentary motion of no confidence?

10.09.23 – How have Humble Address motions increased the effectiveness of parliamentary scrutiny?


20.08.23 – What is the Government and how is it made up?

21.08.23 – What are the ‘Great Offices of State’?

23.08.23 – What is a ‘confidence and supply agreement’?

23.08.23 – What are the differences between the US and UK ‘Order of Succession’?

26.08.23 – What is meant by the Elective Dictatorship and why does it exist?

26.08.23 – Theresa May and Brexit – An example of a lack of Prime Ministerial Control?

26.08.23 – What factors does a Prime Minister have to consider when choosing a Cabinet?

27.08.23 –Why do Cabinet Reshuffles take place and why is the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ so famous?

27.08.23 – What is the Ministerial Code and why is it rarely enforced?

28.08.23 – How significant is the convention of Individual Ministerial Responsibility (IMR)?

29.08.23 – What are the Government’s Royal Prerogative powers and why are they so significant?

17.09.23 – How significant is the convention of Collective Ministerial Responsibility (CMR)?

17.09.23 – Does appointing Senior Cabinet Ministers from the House of Lords undermine the democratic legitimacy of the government?

25.09.23 – How did Boris Johnson (eventually) ‘Get Brexit Done’?

Relations Between Branches

01.09.23 – How does the UK judicial system work?

Examination Skills

22.08.23 – What are the Assessment Objectives in Edexcel A-Level Politics?

22.08.23 – What is AO1 and how do you achieve it? (Edexcel)

25.08.23 – What is AO2 and how do you achieve it? (Edexcel)

27.08.23 – How to answer the 30 Mark Essay Question (Edexcel)

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