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Democracy and Participation

31.07.2022 – Was the AV Referendum a good exercise in democracy?

30.07.2022 – What is Liberal Democracy?

28.07.2022 – Why did Citizens Juries never take off in the UK?

23.05.2022 – How effectively are Human Rights and Civil Liberties protected in the UK?

26.04.2022 – Has the use of E-Petitions enhanced democracy in the UK?

25.04.2022 – How significant is the power of recall in the UK?

Political Parties

17.04.2022 – What are Short Money and Cranborne Money and should political parties be entirely publicly financed?

Electoral Systems

22.05.2022 – What are the strengths and weaknesses of different voting systems?

18.04.2022 – What is the significance of by-elections?


13.08.2022 – The Bill of Rights (1689) – What did it do?

07.06.2022 – Has devolution to England been successful?

05.06.2022 – Has Devolution to the nations of the UK been successful?

04.04.2022 – Who are the Hereditary Peers and why do only 92 sit in the House of Lords?

03.04.2022 – Was the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (2011) always doomed to be a failed constitutional reform?


01.06.2022 – What is the difference between a party and parliamentary motion of no confidence?

27.04.2022 – A guide to the legislative process in the UK

27.04.2022 – Urgent Questions and Emergency Debates – What are they and how important are they as a mechanism of parliamentary scrutiny?

24.04.2022 – The MPs Expenses Scandal – How much did it damage the reputation of Parliament?

18.04.2022 – Why did English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) not solve the West Lothian Question?

17.04.2022 – What is a Motion of No Confidence, why is it important and when was the last successful one?

10.04.2022 – What is Parliamentary Privilege and why is it an important principle to the operation of Parliament?

09.04.2022 – How have humble address motions increased the effectiveness of parliamentary scrutiny?

09.04.2022 – Why is the Parliament Act so important despite being so rarely used?

07.04.2022 – How effective is Parliament at scrutinising the Executive?

05.04.2022 – A Brief History of House of Lords Reform

05.04.2022 – What is the role of the Speaker of the House of Commons and what is the Denison Convention?

05.04.2022 – What is the Salisbury Convention and why was it so significant?

05.04.2022 – What was the Carswell Convention and why was it so short-lived?


04.08.2022 – How did Boris Johnson (eventually) ‘Get Brexit Done’?

03.08.2022 – Theresa May and Brexit – An example of a lack of Prime Ministerial Control?

29.07.2022 – What is the Government and how is it made up?

23.04.2022 – Why do Cabinet Reshuffles take place and why is the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ so famous?

Relations Between Branches

03.05.2022 – How significant are public inquiries in the UK?

28.04.2022 – How does the UK judicial system work?

28.04.2022 – What are some prominent examples of Judicial Review?

18.04.2022 – The ECHR and the ECJ: What is the difference?

17.04.2022 – What is a Motion of No Confidence, why is it important and when was the last successful one?

17.04.2022 – HM Treasury v Ahmed (2010) – Why such a good example?

Book Reviews

27.04.2022 – Book Review – Unspeakable by John Bercow