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Why are Private Members Bills unlikely to become Acts of Parliament?

It is backbenchers that introduce Private Members Bills.

A Private Members Bill is a parliamentary bill which, rather than being introduced by the Government, is introduced by a Backbench MP. It is unusual for these bills to become law because they do not automatically have the support of the Government who, under First Past the Post, normally have a significant majority in Parliament. So what are the different types of Private Members Bill and why precisely are they unlikely to become Acts of Parliament?

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What are the differences between the US and UK ‘Order of Succession’?

Charles III immediately became Monarch following the death of Elizabeth II.

The term ‘order of succession’ in the UK refers to the passage of the Crown upon the death of the Monarch. Upon the death of Elizabeth II on the 8th September 2022 the Crown immediately passed to Prince Charles who became King Charles III. In time, the Crown will pass to Prince William and then Prince George. However, whilst there is a clear order of succession for the Head of State, what is the political order of succession for the Head of Government and how does this compare to the United States?

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Good Podcasts – Week Ending 11.09.2022

Some good Podcasts in the last week include:

04.09 – The Westminster Hour: Before the result is announced, Caroline Quinn discusses with two Tory MPs the leadership election and what the new Prime Minister needs to do – to particularly as regards the Energy Crisis.

04.09 – Red Box Politics: Matt Chorley is joined by guests to look at the three events that defined Boris Johnson’s premiership: Brexit, COVID and Partygate.

05.09 – The Rest is Politics: An emergency Podcast on Liz Truss’ election as Conservative Party Leader and the potential impact of her becoming Prime Minister.

07.09 – Coffee House Shots: A discussion of Liz Truss emerging Cabinet picks and the reaction to those who supported Rishi Sunak as leader.

08.09 – World Review: A detailed discussion of what the impact might be of the Russian decision to halt gas supplies via the Nord Stream pipeline.

08.09 – Newscast: A discussion of the political significance attached to a change of Monarch.