Some Good Podcasts – Week Ending 16.09.2022

11.09 – Westminster Hour: Carolyn Quinn discussed the transition from Elizabeth II to Charles III and how the Monarchy may develop under Charles III.

12.09 – World Review: An interview with Lawrence Freedman about his new book and particularly about Russia’s strategic problems in Ukraine. He makes a comparison with Iraq during the Gulf War.

12.09 – New Statesman: A consideration of how the death of Elizabeth II and the ceremonial focus has limited parliamentary scrutiny at a crucial time. 

13.09 – Times Red Box Politics: A ‘listen along’ and discussion around Prince Charles address to both Houses of Parliament.

14.09 – The Rest is Politics: Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart discuss Elizabeth II, the Swedish Elections and whether a turning point has been reached in the War in Ukraine. 

12.09 – Global Dispatches – A discussion of whether a state of famine has been reached in Somalia after a combination of climate change, drought, COVID-19 and political unrest.

16.09 – Ukrainecast – A detailed discussion of the investigations by international teams into war crimes in Ukraine.

16.09 – Bloomberg UK Politics – A discussion of the diplomatic choreography around the Royal Funeral with John Hampfner from the Chatham House thinktank.

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