Good Podcasts – Week Ending 11.09.2022

Some good Podcasts in the last week include:

04.09 – The Westminster Hour: Before the result is announced, Caroline Quinn discusses with two Tory MPs the leadership election and what the new Prime Minister needs to do – to particularly as regards the Energy Crisis.

04.09 – Red Box Politics: Matt Chorley is joined by guests to look at the three events that defined Boris Johnson’s premiership: Brexit, COVID and Partygate.

05.09 – The Rest is Politics: An emergency Podcast on Liz Truss’ election as Conservative Party Leader and the potential impact of her becoming Prime Minister.

07.09 – Coffee House Shots: A discussion of Liz Truss emerging Cabinet picks and the reaction to those who supported Rishi Sunak as leader.

08.09 – World Review: A detailed discussion of what the impact might be of the Russian decision to halt gas supplies via the Nord Stream pipeline.

08.09 – Newscast: A discussion of the political significance attached to a change of Monarch.

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