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Types of Government and Confidence and Supply

A Government is formed in the UK when the Queen invites a member of the House of Commons to form a Government. It is by convention that a Prime Minister comes from the House of Commons and is the leader of the largest party in the House. This is because as Prime Minister they need to be directly accountable to the people’s elected representatives. As such, the last Prime Minister to govern from the House of Lords was the Marquess of Salisbury in 1902.

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Should Trump’s UK State Visit be Cancelled?

Trump and May

There has long been opposition to Donald Trump’s agreed State Visit to the United Kingdom. Indeed, an e-petition that said that it should not take place was signed by over 1.8 million Britons. As such, it was debated in Westminster Hall on the 27th February 2017. Many MPs voiced their opposition to the visit, but the Government replied to the petition saying: Continue reading